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Marble Refinishing in Manhattan, NY

Heavy traffic areas and day after day of walking over it make your marble floors pretty grimy. You didn’t install marble or move into a house with marble floors to have your home look anything less than fabulous. So why, now, does it look so dull? Because you need a refinishing project! But wait, this isn’t something to attempt on your own, as you may end up damaging your stone even further. Many people who aren’t trained professionals think that the shine or polish on marble comes from applying a potion, lotion, or chemical during marble cleaning. The “shine” on marble is not something that sits on top of the marble; it is part of the marble itself and simply needs to be restored. That is where the trained technicians at NYC Stone Care can help. This type of job often requires a diamond abrasive procedure referred to in the industry as “diamond grinding.” This is carried out after epoxy repair work, if it is needed). The marble is then polished or left honed and then re-sealed.

Don’t go another day on dull, lackluster floors that could be amazing. Marble will only get more dull with time, until you do something about it. NYC Stone Care is the most cost-effective natural stone restoration company in Manhattan. We specialize in marble polishing, honing, grinding, cleaning, and stain removal. The methods used in our natural stone restoration service are designed to reproduce the original stone finish produced by the factory. You will feel like your marble floors are brand new again!

No job is to small or big! You will always experience the same dedication no matter the size of the work needed, whether you have enough marble to fill a museum or just one area in the master bathroom. To get a free estimate on our marble refinishing services, please call 888-318-8990.

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