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When the homeowners and business owners of Nassau County are seeking stone restoration near me, there’s only one company they call: NYC Stone Care. Since 2006, our family-owned and operated company has been breathing new life into natural stone materials used in all types of applications. Our services include marble restoration and marble polishing service, limestone maintenance, travertine restoration, granite countertop restoration, and so much more! If you’re looking for marble restoration near me, granite restoration near me – or you need any other type of natural stone material repaired, refurbished, or maintained, contact NYC Stone Care. When you choose us as your stone restoration professional, you can have confidence knowing that you will receive exceptional results.

What is Marble Restoration?

Marble restoration, as the name suggests, refers to the process of refurbishing marble surfaces. Marble is one of the most beloved building materials. Its timeless elegance is always in style, it’s versatile, it’s water-resistant, and it’s relatively durable. However, after years of use and exposure to the elements, marble is bound to need some care; especially if it isn’t properly maintained. Cracks, scratches, impressions from foot traffic, staining, grout damage, and various other defects can occur.

With marble restoration services performed by a reputable company that is properly trained and uses top-quality strategies and materials, those imperfections in your granite can be removed and the original beauty of your marble surfaces can be fully redeemed.

Signs It’s Time to Look for Marble Restoration Near Me in Nassau County

How do you know when it’s time to have your marble restored? If your surfaces are showing any of the following signs, it’s time to start looking for marble restoration near me.

  • Reduced shine. Marble surfaces should have a high-gloss shine. Over time, exposure to the elements and regular use can wear away the sealant, which reduces its sheen.
  • Etching. Etching refers to the appearance of dull spots on marble surfaces. It happens when acidic liquids spill or splash on marble and interact with the calcium carbonate that the natural stone is comprised of and changes the color of the material. Etching reduces the visual beauty of your marble and reduces its value.
  • Discoloration. As dirt, debris, and iron oxidize on the surface of marble, it can cause yellow spots. Like etching, the discoloration can impact marble’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Chips and cracks. When marble isn’t properly installed or maintained, it can chip and crack, which detracts from the look of the material. Chips and cracks can also impact the structural integrity of the stone.
  • Lippage. When adjoining tiles or slabs of marble are set at different levels, it’s known as lippage. This uneven setting can occur when the grout becomes damaged, the material isn’t installed properly, or simply because of repeat exposure to wear and tear without proper maintenance.
  • Scratches. Though marble is quite durable, it’s one of the softer natural stones, and as such, it is prone to scratching. Furniture, shoes, cooking utensils, and pet’s claws are just some of the reasons why scratches can develop in marble. Scratched marble isn’t visually pleasing. Contaminants can get trapped in scratches, too, making it less sanitary.
  • Foot traffic patterns. The excess weight from repeat foot traffic can lead to indentations in the surface of marble and wear out the sealant. Obvious foot traffic patterns are unsightly and reduce the material’s value.

What does the Marble Restoration Process Entail?

The marble restoration process varies and depends on the specific condition of the material. At NYC Stone Care, we’ll perform a complete assessment of your marble surfaces to determine exactly what type of techniques will need to be used in order to effectively restore it. If it’s scratched, chipped, or cracked, for example, we’ll use epoxy to repair the damage and resurface the marble using a process known as diamond grinding. Depending on the type of marble, we’ll then either leave it honed or polish it and then we’ll apply a new coat of premium-quality sealant.

The amount of time it will take to restore your marble depends on its current condition and the procedures that we’ll need to perform in order to correct the damage. Whatever the specific process entails, you can rest assured that when our team of craftsmen is on the job, you’ll get the highest quality results and your marble will be restored to its original beauty; in fact, it may look even better than it did when the material was first installed.

Why Invest in Marble Restoration?

The most obvious reason to invest in marble restoration is to restore the appearance of the material. The techniques and materials that we use at NYC Stone Care will breathe new life into your marble surfaces. Marble restoration also extends the life expectancy of the material, as it improves its structural integrity. Our repair and polishing, and resealing services will also increase the value of your property, as it will restore the beauty and durability of your marble. Lastly, marble restoration is much more cost-effective and less time consuming than completely replacing the material.

The bottom line: if you want to bring your marble floors, countertops, shower surrounds, backsplashes – or any other marble surface in your home – back to life quickly and without spending a fortune, marble restoration is an excellent investment.

Contact NYC Stone Care for All Your Nassau County Marble Restoration Needs

If the marble in your Garden City, NY property is lackluster or in need of repair and you’re looking for marble restoration near me, contact NYC Stone Care. Using the most cutting-edge equipment and advanced strategies, we’ll bring your marble back to life and make it look as good as new.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our professional technicians, please call 888-318-8990 or submit our online contact request form. At NYC Stone Care, we look forward to meeting your marble restoration needs and exceeding your expectations.

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