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Restore or Replace Your Granite Countertops? Three Reasons Granite Countertop Restoration in Suffolk County is a Better Choice

NYC Stone Care has been a leading Suffolk County stone restoration company for more than 14 years. Our team of expert technicians are professionally trained in the art of stone restoration. We specialize in repairing, resurfacing, and maintaining all types of natural stone materials in all applications. Our services include granite countertop restoration, marble restoration, marble polishing service, travertine restoration, limestone maintenance, and so much more! Using the highest quality equipment, the most cutting-edge strategies, and our proven techniques, we can bring your stone surfaces back to life. Whether you’re looking for granite restoration near me, marble restoration near me – or you have any other type of stone material that needs some TLC and you’re located in the Huntington, NY area, get in touch with NYC Stone Care for all of your stone repair, polishing, and refinishing needs.

Three Reasons to Invest in Granite Countertop Restoration in Suffolk County

Granite is hailed as one of the most durable building materials. It’s extremely dense, resists water well, and it can withstand all types of wear and tear. But just because it’s durable doesn’t mean it’s impenetrable. Granite can develop stains, cracks, chips, and various other imperfections that can mar its appearance. Over time, its finish starts to wear away and it needs to be resealed. Needless to say, if your countertops are damaged or if they just look lackluster, you may be thinking about having them replaced.

Before you start making plans to replace your existing countertops though, there’s another option that you might want to consider: granite countertop restoration. With restoration, your countertops can be repaired and returned to their glory. Here’s a look at some of the top reasons why you should consider restoring the granite countertops in your Huntington, NY home instead of replacing them.

It Saves Money

The most obvious reason to invest in restoring your countertops instead of replacing them is the cost savings. It’s no secret that granite is quite pricey. Remember how much you paid when you first had your countertops installed? Well, the prices haven’t come down; in fact, they’ve gone up! If you don’t want to make such a huge investment again, restoration is definitely the way to go.

Granite countertop restoration costs a fraction of the cost of a new slab of granite. Plus, there’s no need to worry about the added labor expenses. At NYC Stone Care, our restoration and repair services are fair and some of the most affordable in the Huntington, NY area. With restoration, you can save a bundle.

It’s Less Stressful

Replacing kitchen countertops can be a daunting experience. Not only do you have to worry about picking out the perfect granite for your countertop and finding a reputable company to work with, but you also have to deal with the hassle of having your old countertop removed, the new one installed. Plus, your kitchen or bathroom will be out of commission while the work is being done and there’s always a chance that your cabinets or walls could be damaged during the process, which would not only add to the expense but would also add to the length of time the room will be unusable while repairs are being made. Talk about a headache!

While it’s true that restoring your granite countertops does require your kitchen or bathroom to be put out of service for a bit, when credible and experienced professionals – like the crew at NYC Stone Care – are on the job, the job will be done in a jiffy! If you don’t feel like dealing with the hassle that’s involved with replacing your countertops, restoring is definitely the way to go.

It’s “Greener”

While granite is considered eco-friendly because it’s a naturally occurring material, in reality, it isn’t as “green” as you might think. It isn’t a renewable resource. It takes millions of years for granite to form, which means that technically if enough granite is used, the supply could be depleted. Fortunately, there is still plenty of granite available, as it’s one of the most abundant forms of natural stone on the planet. Nevertheless, by not replacing your granite countertops, you won’t be aiding in the depletion of the stone.

Furthermore, quarrying new granite slabs and preparing it for use as a countertop has a significant impact on the environment. To quarry the stone, heavy gasoline-powered machinery must be used. Cutting it requires electrical machinery and a significant amount of water. Prior to installation, granite slabs have to be cut, which puts off a lot of dust, debris, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

All of these factors considered, if reducing your carbon footprint is important to you, having your existing granite countertops restored is a lot more environmentally friendly than having them replaced; especially if you choose a company like NYC Stone Care to restore them, as we always use the safest equipment and materials.

For Premium-Quality Granite Countertop Restoration in Suffolk County, Contact NYC Stone Care

If your existing granite countertops are damaged or lackluster, don’t replace them; restore them! If you’re looking for stone restoration near me in the Huntington, NY area, contact NYC Stone Care. Our team of professionals will masterfully restore your countertops so that they’ll look as good as the day they were installed.

To find out more about our stone restoration services, please call 888-318-8990 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. At NYC Stone Care, we’re looking forward to restoring the beauty and durability of your granite countertops so you can continue enjoying them for years to come.

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