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NYC Stone Care: New York County, NY’s Leading Stone Foundation Repair Experts

If your natural stone surfaces are dirty, dingy, or damaged, don’t replace them; restore them! NYC Stone Care is a leading New York County stone repair company that specializes in the restoration, repair, and maintenance of all types of natural stone materials used in all kinds of applications. Whether you’re looking for a company that specializes in granite repair near me that specializes in granite countertop repair or you’re in search of a contractor that offers stone wall repair services to fix the cracks in your marble walls; if you’re looking for stone repair near me, you can count on our team of expert craftsmen to bring the beauty of your natural stone surfaces back to life. When it comes to stone repair in Carnegie Hill, NY, nobody else can compare to NYC Stone Care.

Stone foundations are very common in New York County, particularly in older and historic buildings. Natural stone is quite durable, which is why it was so commonly used for foundations, but it doesn’t last forever. Exposure to extreme conditions, such as heavy rain and fluctuating temperatures, the sun’s harsh UV rays, and the contaminants in the air, stone foundations can start to deteriorate. Building settling and ground shifting can also damage stone foundations.

Fortunately, thanks to the stone foundation repair services offered by NYC Stone Care, if the foundation of your Carnegie Hill, NY is starting to show signs of wear and tear, it can be restored! Our craftsmen are experts in the art of repairing all types of natural stone materials used in all applications, including foundations. We can address any issues that you may be having with the foundation of your property and fully restore its beauty and durability.

Signs You Need Stone Foundation Repair Services

If the foundation of your Carnegie Hill, NY home is made of natural stone, it’s important to inspect it every once in a while to check for damage. If you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to get in touch with a reputable professional that specializes in stone foundation repair.

Loose or Shifted Stones

Stones that are situated near the ground or around the corners of a building can shift or become loose. As the property settles, the mortar that holds the stones in place can crumble and they can move. If it seems as if the position of any of the stones has shifted, if they’re loose enough to move with your hand, or if they’ve fallen out completely, you need to get in touch with a stone repair professional as soon as possible. The longer you wait to address the issue, the worse the damage will become, and eventually, you could have a big problem on your hands.

Cracks in the Mortar

If cracks have developed in the mortar that holds the stones together, you should have a stone foundation repair professional check it out. Over time, mortar can start to weaken and develop cracks. If the stones aren’t loose or haven’t shifted yet, eventually, they will, so it’s definitely a good idea to have the problem addressed now before the damage gets worse.

The Stones Look Wet

Natural stone materials are porous, and as such, they absorb moisture. Prolonged exposure to moisture can compromise the structural integrity of your foundation – and your entire property! Eventually, water will seep through the foundation and into your home or business. The mortar and stones themselves will start to crumble and fail, too. Usually, stone foundations become overloaded with moisture when there’s a grading issue, meaning that instead of flowing away from the foundation, rainwater and snowmelt flow directly toward your property. Grading the ground will improve drainage, but you should also have a stone repair professional assess your foundation to determine if any repairs need to be made.

Damaged Interior Walls

If the interior walls that back up to the foundation appear to be damaged – bulging, dark stains, peeling wallpaper, or chipping paint – you need to have a stone repair technician inspect the condition of your foundation. Damaged interior walls can occur for a number of reasons; for example, there could be a water seepage issue as a result of poor drainage, the soil under the foundation may be shifting, or tree roots could be pushing their way into the walls. Whatever the cause, if the interior of your stone walls are showing signs of damage, having a stone foundation repair professional assess the problem is an absolute must.

NYC Stone Care: New York County’s Stone Foundation Experts

If you’re experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues, or you just want to have your natural stone foundation inspected by a professional, get in touch with NYC Stone Care. As a leading Carnegie Hill, NY stone repair company, we specialize in all aspects of natural stone maintenance, repair, and restoration.

Our team will perform a complete assessment of your foundation to determine if any damage exists, and if so, the extent of the damage and what kind of repairs need to be made. In addition to repairing your foundation’s damaged stones, we can also recommend other reputable professionals who can correct the underlying problems that are affecting your foundation, such as grading issues and tree root infiltration. Of course, as a top stone repair company, if you’re having trouble with any of the other stone surfaces in your New York County property, we can service those needs, too. For example, with our granite countertop repair services, we can correct and revitalize chipped, cracked, and stained countertops, and with our stone wall repair services, we can restore any damage your marble or slate walls.

When it comes to natural stone repair in New York County, no other company can compare to NYC Stone Care. To learn more about our stone foundation repair services – or any of the other maintenance, restoration, or repair services we offer – give us a call at 888-318-8990 or and submit our online contact request form.

At NYC Stone Care, we look forward to bringing your natural stone back to life and making it look as good as it did the day it was installed.

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