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Terrazzo is a man-made stone, created using natural stone pieces. It is basically a floor surface made from stone chips which are set into cement or epoxy medium. Restore your Terrazo to a like-new condition with NYC Stone Care in New York we provide granite repair, restoration & polishing. We can repair from small chips and cracks to any type of scratches with professional quality results.

Terrazzo floors are extremely durable however old examples can need extensive repair work in order to restore them to their former beauty. Holes or pits where stone chippings have come loose may need filling and a loss of luster will demand the need for diamond grinding and polishing.

Terrazzo is an excellent surface to restore as its combination of high durability and attractive appearance make it a very worthwhile task. Because it contains natural stone, usually marble, it can be polished to a high shine and then treated with a penetrative sealer in order to protect it from staining and discoloration.

Once fully restored, it can be maintained very easily with regular dry and wet mopping, or as is more common in commercial environments, scrubber-drying.

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It is important to remember however that the presence of calcite based aggregates, such as marble, in most Terrazzo floors makes it susceptible to etching. It is important therefore that acid spills are wiped up promptly to avoid the severity of the etching and loss of shine to the floor.

Request your free quote from NYC Stone Care If your Terrazzo floor is looking dull, is damaged or hasn’t been re-sealed for many years. Give us a call at 888-318-8990, NYC Stone Care will not leave until you are fully satisfied with our work.

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